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You Can Depend On
Sa-4 Shear blade
Productivity starts at the heavy-duty splitter and continues the entire length of the blade:
• Exclusive 30° cutting angle out cuts the competition
• High-strength, quenched and tempered, alloy steel splitter and cutting edge for years
of dependable service
• Built-in brushguard protects the tractor radiator and helps fell stubborn trees
vR Clearing blades
Tested and proven on clearing jobs around the world:
• Maximum shearing action
• Tough, center-mounted splitter for large trees that can’t be sheared in a single pass
• A complete trunnion-mounted unit with reinforced high-strength steel alloy frame
• Cutting edges and splitter made from high-strength, quenched and tempered, heat-treated
alloy steel for years of dependable service
• Moldboard reinforced for heavy tree pushing with built-in brushguard
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