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Cd Coal digging bucket
Designed for digging and loading coal:
• Coal slides in and rolls up in one easy, smooth-filling motion
• Saves valuable machine time and motion while filling the bucket
• Available with your choice of teeth
CL Coal Loading bucket
Increase coal-loading capacity by up to 50%!
• Specifically designed for your machine to
efficiently load loose coal
• Larger capacity reduces loading passes
• Slope bottom reduces wear and extends bucket life
• Available bolt-on cutting edges and replaceable wear plates
Lb Light material bucket
Increase productivity by up to 50% from an OEM bucket:
• Handle up to 1,500 pounds per cubic yard
• Slope-bottom design and replaceable wear plates extend
bucket life
• Bolt-on edges standard
gPH material Handling
Flat bottom design for easy penetration of any stockpile:
• Full-length replaceable wear strips
• Straight sidecutters
• Equipped with bolt-on reversible cutting edge
• Teeth and segments optional
LoadeR equIPmenT
o Help You Get ANY Job Done Right