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RL Rollout bucket
Designed to load high-side trucks and trailers:
• Handle material up to 1,800 pounds per cubic yard
• Get up to four more feet of dump height
• Single cylinder, weight-saving, easy-load design
• Complete with jumper hoses
• Reversible bolt-on cutting edges
o Help You Get ANY Job Done Right
LoadeR equIPmenT
So Slip-on bucket
Designed for light material:
• Quickly turn your log grapple into a bucket
• The perfect solution for sawdust or woodchip loading
• Optional reversible bolt-on cutting edges
So Slip-on High dump bucket
Designed to dump 13’6”:
• Quickly connects to your log grapple
• Maximum dump height without a ramp or boom arm extensions
• Clamp link dumps the bucket as the clamp opens
• Optional reversible bolt-on cutting edges
*Shown with LF-W
Rockland Log Grapple