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abL angle blade assembly
ABL Angle Blades are versatile and can double dozing productivity:
• Available with either manual or hydraulic tilt
• Complete with C-frame and brace group ready to install
on OEM trunnions
• Severe service option for extreme applications
• Available for standard gauge and LGP tractors
SS Severe Service Semi u-blade
These Severe Service Blades are designed for tough dozing work:
• Proven around the world
• Severe service options so you can equip your blade properly
• Blade liners, center push plates, replaceable wear shrouds, AR plate corner and bottom doublers
and severe service cutting edges are available
Lm Coal blade
Experienced coal pile superintendents specify Rockland LM Coal
Blades – here’s why:
• The length, height and wing angles are designed specifically
for coal use
• Rockland moldboards deliver live, rolling loads
• Extended end plates contain loads and eliminate side spillage
• Heavy-duty alloy steel box frame construction guarantees years
of dependable service
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