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Dozer Slope Board

Dozer Slope Board
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Rockland Dozer Slope Boards dramatically increase dozer productivity. They enable a dozer to move more material per pass and fine grade slopes. This saves time, fuel, and reduces cost.

Sloping work can also be done while the dozer stays on level ground. This reduces machine wear, operator fatigue, and increases safety. Rockland dozer slope boards quickly lower into position and can be moved to the storage position in seconds.


• Capable of fine grading with the blade in any position at an angle up to 82 degrees.

• Hydraulic controls allow for full control of grade adjustments without leaving the cab

• The cutting edge being visible from the cab increases safety and minimized grading errors

• Reduces machine wear and maintenance costs because the dozer can stay on level ground

• All parts manufactured from high strength alloy plate

• Available for any dozer with an inside mounted c-frame or push arm setup

• Optional blade extension available


Rockland Dozer Slope Boards are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of one year or 2,000 hours.


Machine Category20/25
Dozer HP
140-189 140-189 190-249 250-319 320-389 390-454 455-504
PAT Blade Inside Mounted C-Frame
L.H. Mount
L.H. Mount
L.H. Mount
Semi-U Blade Push Arm Setup (Single Tilt) N/A N/A N/A L.H. Mount L.H. Mount L.H. Mount L.H. Mount L.H. Mount L.H. Mount
Blade Dims. 60"W x 26"H 72"W x 26"H 72"W x 26"H 84"W x 24"H 84"W x 24"H 96"W x 24"H 96"W x 26"H 96"W x 26"H 96”W x 28”H
DSB Frame & Blade Weight (lbs.) 1,375
1,650 1,800 2,300 3,900 4,200 4,400 4,900
Extension Dims. N/A N/A N/A 24"W x 18"H 24"W x 18"H 24"W x 20"H 24"W x 22"H 24"W x 22"H 24”W x 24”H 48”W x 24”H
Extension Weight (lbs.) N/A N/A N/A 170 190 240 300 315 370 680

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