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Rockland equipment for crawler tractors is specifically designed for special applications. This enables you to get more work done and add more value to the bottom line every day. Rockland Manufacturing Company offers more equipment for crawler tractors than any other attachment manufacturer. There are special dozer blades to increase machine efficiency for such diverse applications as pushing coal, land reclamation, dozing woodchips, and landfill dozing. In addition, special size angle blades and Semi U-blades are also available when OEM blades are not the right size for your application.

A Rockland wheel dozer attachment is the Rockland Scoop Dozer. The scoop dozer is ideal for continuous dozing applications such as coal and woodchips. Both Rockland Coal Scoops and Rockland Woodchip Scoops have increased dozer productivity on job sites around the world.

Rockland land clearing equipment for dozers is famous for both productivity and years of trouble free operation. Whether it would be land clearing blades or land clearing rakes, Rockland land clearing equipment gets the job done and has been proven on every continent. If you are clearing land with a Rockland Dozer Blade, a Rockland Land Clearing Rake, Rockland Shear Blade, or a Rockland V-Blade, we will turn your crawler tractor into a true land clearing machine.

Rockland History...

In the early 60's, Rockland designed and built the world's largest dozer blade. This was a joint venture between Gulf Oil Company, Fiatallis, and Rockland. This sixty foot monster was designed for a reclamation project and was pushed by two powerful HD41 Fiatallis crawler tractors! Click here to see a photo of it leaving our factory!

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