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Company Information

"We have over forty years experience with Rockland. Their pricing is fair. We've always been amazed at their consistency and dependability. Their after sales support and warranty policies are excellent." - Alabama Dealer
"If a Rockland product doesn't fit, there is something wrong with the machine!" - South Carolina Distributor

Mining Equipment

Rockland Manufacturing has been manufacturing mining equipment for over sixty years.

Rockland offers equipment specifically designed for the mining industry. Our mining equipment is guaranteed to increase productivity--and profits! Rockland attachments have earned a well-deserved reputation for performance and quality and are designed to produce and built to last.

Rockland mining equipment is available for every major brand of machinery. Every equipment dealer that has a major heavy equipment account is an authorized Rockland dealer. When you specify Rockland mining equipment, you get our years of experience plus unequaled dedication to quality and customer service.

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