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All Rocklock Couplers were designed with one very important feature in mind. All Rockland Rocklock couplers and attachments for machines of the same general weight and horsepower are interchangeable. With a Rocklock system, when you trade your loader you don’t have to trade attachments! Many people have purchased coupler systems expecting interchangeability only to be severely (and expensively) disappointed. Don’t let this happen to you. Specify the Rocklock Coupler System—the coupler designed with the customer in mind.


  • The best connection for loader versatility!
  • Built to interchange with major coupler systems! We can design your new coupler and attachments to work with existing equipment!
  • Attach forks, rakes, blades, booms, and buckets to your loader with the flick of a switch.
  • Available as hydraulic.
  • Mounts with standard factory pins.
  • Comes complete with all hoses, valves, and fittings required for operation.


Rockland Rocklock® Couplers are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years or 4,000 hours.



Machine Category 10 20 3040 5060708090100
Weight (lbs.) 550 650 750 875 1100 1650 2140 3500 3900 3800

Coupler Brackets

Machine Category 10 20 3040 5060708090100
Weight (lbs.) 185 250 350 415 500 805 885 1000 1300 2610

Hydraulic - Price if Bought with Rockland Attachment

Machine Category 10 20 3040 506070
Weight (lbs.) 550 650 750 875 1100 1650 2100

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